Open Windows

Open Windows Kids Meet Up

Open Windows Kids Meet Up

Try to imagine schools without books. Then imagine an organization that works with schools and families not only to provide books, but learning opportunities for children and parents. Open Windows (Ventanas Abiertas) operates a much-needed library and educational enrichment center with a computer lab in San Miguel Dueñas, Guatemala. In less than seven years Open Windows has grown from 20 registered children to over 1,300, with more than 150 children visiting daily.

Our goal is to open windows of opportunity and improve literacy rates for the children of San Miguel Dueñas through access to a free library, educational enrichment center with computer lab and a scholarship program.

Past Achievements
Open Windows library began with 300 books; it was a place that encouraged children to come do their homework and participate in educational activities. Since opening, the library has expanded to more than 7,000 books for children and young adults. Schools in San Miguel Dueñas do not have textbooks for all students. The Open Windows library contains textbooks for all grades. The educational enrichment center provides homework help as well as programs for children to improve their reading, math and academic skills. Open Windows’ professional staff of five full-time teachers reinforces the basics while simultaneously supporting academic needs. A special program offers support for children with learning disabilities and their parents. A free 20-terminal computer lab has over 275 students enrolled in computer training. The computer center provides internet access as well as programs to reinforce academics.

Current Projects
At the end of last year, Open Windows completed a new teen center.  Teens will have their own space to do homework, socialize, participate in special programs and learn new skills to help them prepare for their future. 

Wish List

  • Funds for scholarships and to support general operations
  • Microphones and speakers
  • Craft materials: colored paper, markers, pens, crayons, scissors, stickers, glue, paints
  • Backpacks & school supplies
  • Reams of copy paper
  • Educational DVDs in Spanish for teens

To learn more about what we do and who we are, please visit us: or contact Open Windows’ Director Teresa Quiñonez: openwindows_teresa at

Open Windows Kids

Open Windows Kids

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